River City Church - Smyrna, GA

Sinners, Saints, and the Seats at God’s Table

September 15, 2019

Looking at this week's passages from the lectionary, Jordan unpacks why RCC is offering something like The Table for our community. There are scores of people around us who identify as "post-Christian" or "unchurched" who are open to talking with people about matters of faith but aren't interacting with Christians who can have those discussions in non-judgmental ways. We hear parables like the lost sheep and tend to identify ourselves as the "one" that Jesus is seeking when, more often than not, we are in the "99." We allow fear or compartmentalization to keep us from listening to the "ones" who have stories to tell about what's going on under the surface. But if we'll invite them to our tables and listen, we'll have opportunities to share how Jesus helps us continually overcome many of the same burdens, anxieties, and obstacles in our own lives. The worship journey for this week: "Sinners, Saints, and the Seats at God's Table." Luke 15:1-10; Psalm 14:1-3; 1 Timothy 1:15. 

Jordan shared the following statistics during his message. 

In the United States: 

- 85% of churches are stalled/declining.

- 14% are growing from transfers. 

- 1% are growing from conversions. 

- 96 churches are closing every week. 

- 20.4% of Americans attend church. 

- 38% of Atlantans are "post-Christian/unchurched."

- 95-97% believe that part of the Christian faith is witnessing about Jesus. 

- 47% of Christian millennials find evangelism to be morally wrong (GenX = 27%).

- 62% of non-Christians say that they would be open to talking about faith matters with someone who listens without judgment. 

- 34% of non-Christians know Christians that will discuss faith matters without judgment.