Healthy Appetites

March 17, 2019

Josh looks at a passage from Philippians where Paul tells the church to imitate him and those in their community who are walking just a few steps ahead in their walk with Jesus. Paul cautions them about having appetites for things that are destructive. But even things we think are good may not satisfy or lead to health. Do you know your appetites? We must if we want to overcome what does not bring us into wholeness and health. Philippians 3:1-4:1. 

Jesus Revealed Pt. 4 — Transfiguration Sunday

March 3, 2019

Josh looks at the Transfiguration in Luke's gospel and reminds us that the point of Jesus' gospel is to be on the mountaintop and then come down the mountain and let what happened spill out into our lives. The worship journey for this week: "Being a people who experience Jesus on the mountain and then are willing to come down the mountain and involve ourselves in the realities in the world. Being present with Jesus as He shines the light of His Kingdom into these places, always drawing from the past, believing in God's future and listening to Jesus for how to do it." Luke 9:32-45. 

Jesus Revealed Pt. 3 — Love Your Enemies

February 24, 2019

Dr. Chris Green, Professor of Theology at Southeastern University, visits RCC and teaches on part of Jesus' sermon on the plain and Jesus healing the slave of a Roman centurion in Luke's Gospel. Dr. Green explores the depth of Jesus' call to "love your enemies," looking at why we are to love others without expecting anything in return, how we are to love those who take advantage of us, and how the idea that "being kind to people who are sinning condones their sinning" undercuts our Christian witness. Luke 6:26-7:10. 

Dr. Green shared a couple of quotes as well: (1) Thomas Merton - "You can't prove your love for God by hating those who seem to be God's enemies." and (2) St. Isaac the Syrian -- "Shame the lover of righteousness by your compassion for the unrighteous, and you will be like God."

Jesus Revealed Pt. 2 — The Beatitudes

February 17, 2019

Josh looks at the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Luke with an eye towards what Jesus is revealing about Himself. We see Jesus healing people in the crowd of any number of outward things, but we also see that Jesus is more concerned with being invited into our hearts to heal the deeper things that trip us up. Is Jesus allowed to say to you what those things are that He wants to heal and work through with you? There are some things we need to wrestle through with Jesus. The worship journey for this week: "Understanding the heart of Jesus that is revealed in the Beatitudes. Blessed are the poor and the hungry, those who cry, those who people hate and are excluded. Luke 6:17-26; Luke 4:17-21. 

Jesus Revealed

February 10, 2019

Josh looks at part of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians -- a church that was grappling with divisions. Instead of drawing hard lines, Paul calls them to unity by focusing them on the simple truths of Jesus: He died for our sins. He was buried. He was raised on the third day. And He appeared to many. In a way, Paul is following Jesus' example by not drawing hard lines, as we see in how Jesus handled the crowd wanting to stone an adultress in the Gospel of John. The worship journey for this week: "Becoming a community that leans into the common grounds of our core beliefs about Jesus Christ. That Christ died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again." Josh shared this quote from Lewis Galloway during the message: "Whenever Christ turns a life around, heals a marriage, transitions a bitter heart, forgives a sinner, teaches a fearful heart to love, or shows a greedy person how to give, there is a witness ready to take the stand to tell the good news of God's grace." Luke 4:18-19; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; John 8:1-11. 

Groups Sunday

February 3, 2019

Walking us into Groups season, Sara introduces our spring groups and then explains how groups can help us encounter the gifts of friendship with God, spiritual friendship, and Christian community. The worship journey this week: "Being formed into people who abide in friendship with Christ and each other. John 15:9-17. 

Discovering the Heart of the Gospel

January 27, 2019

Josh looks at Luke 4 where Jesus comes to Nazareth and teaches in the synagogue. He is handed the scroll, labels a passage in Isaiah 61, and builds His ministry around it. But before Jesus reaches this moment of calling, filled with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit had been at work calling Him "beloved" after His baptism and then testing Him in the wilderness. How open are we to the "pre-work" of the Holy Spirit before we set out trying to fulfill our calling? The worship journey for this week: "Through the example of Christ, discovering what the heart of the Gospel is." Luke 4:14-21; Matthew 3:16-17; Matthew 4:1-11; Isaiah 61:1-2. 

The Wedding at Cana

January 20, 2019

Josh shares about the Jesus and Mary at the wedding at Cana from the Gospel of John. Instead of focusing on "Jesus' first miracle," Josh contends that the story asks us what we think about Jesus. We all experience depletion of one kind or another. When we can see the abundance of Jesus when we are depleted, we should celebrate it -- recognizing Jesus' work -- large and small -- and calling it out. We are the water. Jesus' job is to turn us into wine. The worship journey for this week: "In Jesus, the gifts of God come abundantly and extravagantly. Help us to become a community that recognizes and celebrates these things together." John 2:1-11; Mark 7:3-4. 

Psalm 51

January 13, 2019

Josh looks at the psalm that David wrote in response to his choices surrounding Bathsheba and Uriah the Hittite. The psalm puts words to a heart that is longing to be re-created and doesn't know how to do it. David's decisions revealed things that were in his heart that he then tried to "fix" himself until he realized he couldn't fix it -- he couldn't clean his own heart. The worship journey for this week: "Becoming a community that is honest about the things in our hearts and inviting God into them." Psalm 51; 2 Samuel 11:1-15; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. 


January 6, 2019

As we enter into the season of Epiphany, Sara looks at the story of the Magi visiting Jesus and explains how the revelation of God in Jesus has been celebrated by the Church throughout the world. Epiphany is an opportunity to alter our rhythm to the rhythm of the Gospel story -- repenting and re-orienting our hearts. The worship journey for this week: "Recognizing the revelation of God in our lives." Sara shared several quotes during her message: (1) Ruth Haley Barton - "The stirring of spiritual desire indicates that God's Spirit is already at work within us, drawing us to Himself. We love God because He first loved us. We long for God because He first longed for us. We reach God because He first reached for us. Nothing in the spiritual life originates with us. It all originates with God." (2) Kenneth L. Sehested - "Those for whom this 'world' is 'home' -- all who profit from current arrangements, from orthodoxies of every sort -- will take offense at this swaddling-wrapped revolt. Something new is being built; a new cornerstone (Eph. 2:20) is being laid. That is the good part. The bad part is that existing structures may be razed to make room." and (3) T.S. Eliot (from "Journey of the Magi") - "We returned to our places, these Kingdoms, but no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation." Matthew 2:1-12.