River City Church - Smyrna, GA

Jesus Revealed Pt. 7 — The Gap

April 28, 2019

Josh walks us through the end of John 20, looking at the gap between what Thomas knew about Jesus and the faith to believe in the resurrected Jesus. We are all Thomas, because we all have a gap between our certainty and our faith. We need a God community that walks with us when, like Thomas, we verbalize our doubt and are working out our faith. We cannot make others believe and demanding they believe won't help either. The power of the Holy Spirit bridges those gaps and helps us live our faith in the resurrected Jesus. The worship journey for this week: "Lord, help us to believe in the Resurrection so that we can live Resurrection through our lives to the people in our world." John 20:19-31; Genesis 2:7; Revelation 12:11.