River City Church - Smyrna, GA

Jesus: A Study in the Book of Mark Pt. 43

July 22, 2018

Josh walks us through the last 8 verses of Mark 16 -- the way Mark originally completed his gospel. The open-ended way the gospel ends leaves us with the question: Who is Jesus to you? Have we annointed a version of Jesus who isn't there? Have we rolled stones in the way that keep us from experiencing who Jesus is? Jesus sends two women to deliver the message of His resurrection. He still sends people in our lives to us -- who help us see Jesus lived out through them. Don't step over your brother and sister in need to share the gospel with the world. The Holy Spirit calls us to lay down our lives for them. Josh wraps up his talk with a corporate prayer of repentance to women who have been hurt by culture, by the church, and by other men in their lives. Mark 16:1-8; Romans 10:9; Matthew 28:7-10.