River City Church - Smyrna, GA

Is Jesus real?

December 15, 2019

In Matthew 11, we encounter John the Baptist again through his disciples asking Jesus if He is the Messiah. John the Baptist was a prophet called to "prepare the way." But John had his own idea of what that way would look like and sitting in prison wasn't exactly how he thought that would turn out. When Jesus does things differently than we would, we can get offended. We don't know what Jesus will do. We say, "Jesus, you need to do more." But Jesus is at work in ways we don't expect or see. And we are left with John's question, "do I want this version of Jesus -- this Jesus who does things differently than I want or expect?" The worship journey for this week: "Is Jesus real?" Matthew 11:2-13; Matthew 3:11; John 1:29; John 3:30.