River City Church - Smyrna, GA

Remember to Anticipate

April 7, 2019

Josh looks at a couple of Old Testament passages from Isaiah 43 and Psalm 126 that use water to illustrate truths about God. Sometimes, God leads us out of a situation and rescues us. And sometimes, God leads us into places that are uncomfortable so we can lament and weep over them to learn faithfulness, patience and waiting that lead to something new and beyond our own effort. We are reminded of what God has done, but we cannot remain stuck waiting for God to do the same thing over and over. We must remember to anticipate that God is always making things new. The worship journey for this week: "Being a people that celebrate what God has done in the past, not to become nostalgic but to be reminded that He is a God with a dream that is capable of making all things new." Isaiah 43: 16-21; Psalm 26:1-6. 

Josh shared a couple of quotes: (1) "God's new thing will spring forth like rivers that water the desert. Water will once again be a source of life rather than a barrier. There will be water to drink, to irrigate fields and to water livestock. The prophet speaks of a God who will cut a path through the water when it gets in the way of the divine call to freedom and will use water as a pathway through the wilderness of the world toward the new thing that God is yearning for a beloved (if disobedient) people." -- Michael Williams; and (2) "We are uncomfortable with tears, impatient with the hard work and slow process healing requires, whether the healing is physical, spiritual, emotional or all three. The images evoked here are vivid, and it is worthwhile to dwell with them long enough to understand the depth of the sorrow expressed." -- Kimberly Clayton.