River City Church - Smyrna, GA

Lydia: Fruit of Being Drawn and Sent

June 2, 2019

Josh shares how the story of Lydia starts with the story of Jesus telling the disciples about leaving them and the Helper He will send. The Holy Spirit later sent Paul to Macedonia where Lydia was. The Holy Spirit then opened Lydia's heart to hear the Good News that Paul shared, and a continent was opened to the Gospel. Those convergences continue today, because God is always drawing people and always sending people. What are we doing with the Good News? Josh challenges us to focus on one of these this week:

(1) Silencing our inner critic for a season;

(2) Creating space for spiritual disciplines;

(3) Praying for openness to receive the Good News as Good News;

(4) Considering essence over specifics;

(5) Reclaiming the story of the beautiful mission of the Gospel;

(6) Who is God drawing to you? and

(7) Going when you know where God is sending, because His provision is there.

The worship journey for this week: "The intersection between human obedience to God and the Divine initiatives guided by the Spirit." John 14:23-29; Acts 16:9-15.