River City Church - Smyrna, GA

Jesus Revealed Pt. 3 — Love Your Enemies

February 24, 2019

Dr. Chris Green, Professor of Theology at Southeastern University, visits RCC and teaches on part of Jesus' sermon on the plain and Jesus healing the slave of a Roman centurion in Luke's Gospel. Dr. Green explores the depth of Jesus' call to "love your enemies," looking at why we are to love others without expecting anything in return, how we are to love those who take advantage of us, and how the idea that "being kind to people who are sinning condones their sinning" undercuts our Christian witness. Luke 6:26-7:10. 

Dr. Green shared a couple of quotes as well: (1) Thomas Merton - "You can't prove your love for God by hating those who seem to be God's enemies." and (2) St. Isaac the Syrian -- "Shame the lover of righteousness by your compassion for the unrighteous, and you will be like God."