River City Church - Smyrna, GA

Advent Week 4 - What Is Your Magnificat?

December 20, 2020

As we celebrate the fourth week of Advent, focusing on the theme of love, Josh shares from Luke 1 and the story of the Annunciation of Mary. In response to the angel's news of her role in the incarnation of Jesus, Mary sings a song of praise -- the Magnificat. Jesus continues to break into our lives today. And we have an opportunity to respond to the change and transformation that comes when Jesus breaks in. What will your magnificat sound like? What stories do you have to tell of what Jesus is doing in your life? Luke 1:26-56.

Josh shared a couple of quotes today: 

1) Gail Ricciuti: "People are always puzzled that this pregnant woman who before giving birth speaks of her Offspring approaching Mission as if it's already accomplished. The way in which she sings her song calls a Future Vision into the present. The resulting Synergy reveals a vibrant now in which God's realm is complete and dwelling Among Us. The end is where we start from so that the end precedes the beginning. If so, then the saving justice of God's rain is as good as accomplished among those who can articulate its outlines. We are not used to seeing the realities around us in this way. Realists we call ourselves ignoring the Deep implications of incarnation no less than Resurrection, the new thing God has already done that sleeps below the surface of our perceptions. Now challenges to cultivate the ability to see God's promises as already having come to pass."

2) Debie Thomas: "The Magnificat is a song of too much hope. Of course it is, because "too much hope" is precisely what we're called to cultivate on this fourth and final Sunday in Advent. Can you do it? Can you find your voice and share it with a world more desperately in need than ever? What does your Magnificat sound like this year? How is God magnified through your unique perspective and vision? What stories of divine favor do you have to tell? What glorious reversals do you see heading our way? What words will you choose to describe the  Good News of the Messiah you carry? Don’t wait. Sing it. Sing it now."

The Advent Choir's special song is also included in the podcast. 

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